Padre Coffee - Decaf Indonesia Mandheling


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Padre Coffee - Decaf Indonesia Mandheling

Specialty Coffee, Delivered
Made with 100% Arabica beans, roasted fresh and shipped directly from Melbourne, Australia!

Decaf: it's a dirty word for some, but not for us. This single origin Indonesia (Sumatra) Mandheling more than holds it own in our range of premium beans and makes a seriously delicious, trouble-free brew. The Mandheling name originated with the tribespeople of Sumatra's northern Tapanuli region, and in this case designates a variety of different beans that, wet-hulled and Swiss Water Processed, comes up rich and smooth and sweet in the cup, with delicious earthy notes and a undeniable chocolate flavour.

Roast Type: Espresso
- Espresso Roasts are best for espresso brewing methods such as Espresso machines and Mokapot.

Tasting Notes: Rich and earthy with notes of dark chocolate and citrus.

Origin: Sumatra, Indonesia

Processing: Wet hulling, Swiss water process