Cafebond Basic 精品咖啡意式混合豆 - Espresso 浓缩咖啡


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Cafebond Basic 精品咖啡意式混合豆 - Espresso 浓缩咖啡

Cafebond Basic - Specialty Coffee Made Simple
Asia's first freshly roasted specialty coffee brand in the FMCG category. This coffee is ethically sourced directly from farmers and is freshly roasted in Singapore.

This is our Cafebond Basic house blend. It comprises 50% Indian plantation AA and 50% Brazil Fazenda. We aim to keep it balance, full bodied with low acidity in the cup. A perfect blend for home to make in your espresso machine and enjoy with our without milk.

Roast Type: Espresso
- Espresso Roasts are best for espresso brewing methods such as Espresso machines and Mokapot.

Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate and spice.

Origin: India/Brazil

Composition: 70% Plantation AA (Fully Washed), 30% Cerrado (Natural Process)