Fuglen Coffee - Honduras Nelson Ramirez


原价 $21.00
Fuglen Coffee - Honduras Nelson Ramirez

Specialty Coffee, Delivered
Made from 100% Arabica beans, roasted fresh and shipped directly from Tokyo, Japan!

The influence of the local climate called microclimate produces only special fruity and clean beautiful feeling in Central America. In 2016, Nelson Ramirez invested in the equipment of a huge drying table with a roof. This facility can respond to Santa Barbara's unstable weather change, and it can expect a dramatic improvement in quality, because it can control rapid influence and influence on beans due to rain to a minimum.

Roast Type: Espresso
- Espresso Roasts are best for espresso brewing methods such as Espresso machines and Mokapot..

Tasting Notes: Cocoa, plum, mango and a long lasting sweet finish.<br>

Origin: Honduras - El Cedral

Processing: Washed Process